Welcome Comerica and CPA Dynamic Women!

03 May Welcome Comerica and CPA Dynamic Women!

Last Friday I spoke on storytelling to women professionals at Comerica in Irvine. Then I traveled to Beverly Hills to address CPAs at the CalCPA Women’s Leadership Forum. The theme of this keynote was workplace communication, but I focused specifically on the communication issues that hold women back.

Being up on stage in front of hundreds of women was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I want to thank all of you who came up to our table afterward to share your stories and/or buy both Own the Room and pre-order Out Front.

If you attended one of the two conferences, we’ve signed you up to receive our Eloqui tip-of-the-week, as well as included you on OutFront.biz website. Don’t be shy. Let us hear what concerns you, what topics you would like me to address, and how I can best serve you in your career development. There are brief videos in the Tips and Techniques section of the website that will be rotating on a regular basis.

And for those of you who bought both books, we will be creating the complimentary CDs and MP3 files on storytelling, managing anxiety, and networking over the next few weeks. You will be receiving yours as soon as they’re finished.



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