Tips & Techniques

Rehearsal Techniques

Never wing your presentation! Use techniques from the professional’s playbook to keep your material sounding fresh, ‘marking’ your content, and staying loose.


Before assembling your content, determine the one thing you want to achieve more than anything else. This is your Intention, and will give you the greatest opportunity for success. Here are rules of Intention.

The Perils of Youth

Interestingly enough, an audience or listener will make a decision on how capable you are based on your delivery, more than your content, your age, or your experience. Don’t let bad habits influence their decision. Engineer the perception you want every time.

Why I Wrote Out Front

After coaching, training, and speaking to thousands of women professionals, I realized there are behaviors that hold women back. Whether pitching a new client, promoting a non-profit, or presenting topics in the community, becoming an engaging speaker accelerates any goal you set for yourself. My book, Out Front busts the myths that hold women back, delivers practical tools and the confidence to be successful.