Tips & Techniques

Rehearsal Techniques

More than 75% of people experience stage fright. These tips will help you overcome your fears to nail your next speech.

Making Your Content Come Alive

Visual snapshots, novelty and surprise, and authenticity are the three things you need to include in your next presentation to make sure you standout!

How to Conquer Your Fears

Out Front is dedicated to women like Lu, who are committed to conquering their fears and making a difference in the world. Deborah Shames, Presentation & Communication Specialist/Author of the books, “Out Front” and “Own the Room” shares the story of Lu, who never gave up and learned to overcome her fear of public speaking.

Why I Wrote Out Front

After coaching, training, and speaking to thousands of women professionals, I realized there are behaviors that hold women back. Whether pitching a new client, promoting a non-profit, or presenting topics in the community, becoming an engaging speaker accelerates any goal you set for yourself. My book, Out Front busts the myths that hold women back, delivers practical tools and the confidence to be successful.