Out Front Seminars and Book Signings

Stay tuned for targeted workshops, seminars and book signings to coincide with the release of Out Front. In meantime, take advantage of the following programs and trainings currently offered by Deborah Shames and her company Eloqui.


Dates are being added to our schedule on a daily basis, so do check back on a regular basis.

Power of Five: Individual Coaching Program

Whether your ambition is to be seen as the go-to person in your field, overcome speaker anxiety, or set yourself and your firm apart, finely tuned speaking skills are critical.


We’ve all known executives who don’t have the analytical skills, expertise, or training to be in their position, but because they are effective communicators, have been successful. Anxiety, rambling, or the inability to connect, engage and deliver a clear message can hold you back—or worse, tank your career.


Your Eloqui coaches focus on achieving your specific goals and challenges. They promote absolute authenticity, so your unique strengths are first identified, and only then are you given the necessary skills to be more effective.


The Power of Five covers everything from structuring presentations and engaging an audience, to delivering a compelling elevator speech, overcoming anxiety and movement.


This ten hour program consists of five, 2-hour sessions if you live in LA, or a condensed two part program if you are flying in from another part of the country. The all inclusive fee of $5,000 includes your ability to contact and rehearse with your coaches– after your program is complete for no additional charge. For more information, contact us at

For me, the fear of public speaking came from the idea that I needed to be someone else when I was on stage: more formal, more technical, more professional. You showed me how to use my natural communication style to be more effective by being myself. Being comfortable with your style doesn't just change your public speaking, it changes everything.

Mike Eaton, Owner
Atticus Information Systems Inc.

Own the Room: Corporate Training

Discover what every professional needs to know to be successful, but never learned in business school. This 3-part signature series is targeted to your needs, whether it’s business development, improving presentations, or enhanced communication skills.


If your firm wants to generate more revenue by differentiating your services, strives to be seen as a leader in your industry, and is committed to increasing your client base, a focus on business development is critical.


However, if your firm lives and dies on the effectiveness of business talks, the focus on presentation skills is more appropriate. Participants learn to construct and deliver memorable presentations, from identifying their intention and choosing the right role, to telling stories and including PowerPoint.


And if your company specializes in customer service, you would want to focus on making every employee an outstanding ambassador to your clients or the public.


Regardless of the focus, every program nurtures potential leaders from within and gives them the tools to be successful.


Own the Room is an interactive series of three, on-site group sessions of four hours each. Sessions are digitally recorded and we provide all materials, including manuals. Each participant receives a DVD of their exercises.


Two trainers conduct this program for six to ten participants for maximum personalized attention. The all inclusive fee is $1,750 per person. For more information, contact us at or 818-225-7991.

It was definitely the best workshop I have ever attended. I knew it would be because my friends could not stop talking about it and insisted that I attend. I thought the techniques taught were very insightful and entertaining. I have no doubt that my introductions will be improved by 500%!

Anabella Q. Bonfa
Attorney at Law

It seems that most sales people hate to go to ‘training’ and I heard the complaints about the lack of time, too boring, etc. However, after the first session I began to get positive feedback and by the end of the training, they were thanking me for providing this training.

Sharon Stull, J.D., SPHR-CA
Director of Human Resources, Poms & Associates