Deborah Shames

Deborah Shames, Presentation & Communication Specialist/Author of the books, "Out Front" and "Own the Room"

During her fifteen years as a successful director of television, documentaries, and film, Deborah Shames knew something was holding her back. She understood that embracing public speaking engagements would heighten her credibility as a director, yet she avoided the public stage.


Deborah had produced and/or directed more than 60 award-winning films and videos. She was masterful directing actors and executives to deliver their best performances, but stage fright held her career in check. Despite being a force in her industry, she watched her male colleagues stand out while she remained behind the scenes, and the camera.


Deborah realized that she would never become an effective public speaker until she conquered the challenges so many women face–from feeling judged and being apologetic about their strong opinions, to having an innate fear of failure. She identified the essential steps for women to own their power.

To succeed, women need to embrace their authentic voice, stop apologizing for their views, and quiet their inner critic.

Deborah and her partner, David Booth, co-founded Eloqui in 2001, where they began training thousands of professionals how to speak and communicate more effectively. Deborah has worked closely with A-list performers in television and film, political candidates, CEOs, a gold-medal Olympian, Super Lawyers, as well as professionals in the field of finance, retail, and insurance.


Whether it’s group trainings, individual coaching sessions, or customized keynotes, Deborah and David enjoy partnering with their clients to achieve success.


Passionate about coaching women to convey their genuine personality and abilities, Deborah wanted to reach a greater audience. By authoring Out Front: How Women Can Become Engaging, Memorable and Fearless Speakers, Deborah brings her expertise and experience to women around the world. Her goal is to prepare women of all ages, from millennials to seasoned veterans, with the skills they need to be out front.


In addition to her active speaking, coaching and training schedule, Deborah speaks pro bono to educational institutions like the UCLA Anderson School of Business, the USC Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Pepperdine MBA programs, and Cal Lutheran to give young people a boost and confidence at the beginning of their careers.

“Make every meeting or connection an exercise in discovery.

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